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Global Grace Ministry

Several years ago the Holy Spirit began leading our church and grace ministry to intensify our efforts to proclaim Jesus Christ and the wonderful gospel of grace both in the United States and globally. My heart is stirred to see more and more people saved all over the world and that Christians live their lives rooted and established by the Apostle Paul's gospel of grace (Acts 20:24; Rom. 16:25). The foundation of Paul's gospel is that believers are in Christ as members of the Body of Christ, that Christ lives in all believers, and that He lives His life through us as we walk by faith (Gal. 2:20). This is the great mes
sage we're called to take to people everywhere! What a joy and privilege we have!

My brother, Gary Moll, is part of this ministry. He proclaims the gospel of grace in Sacramento, California as he reaches out to people in the streets, including the homeless and those living in a variety of difficult circumstances. Gary has a passion to proclaim Jesus to the people in his community.  

We also have live sermons and Bible studies on the radio. See the tabs above for more information. We praise the Lord for this ministry He's given us which truly takes the gospel of grace to the whole world!

We ask you to please pray for us - that our ministry, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, will truly change lives and have the global impact that God wants it to have! Thank you!

Stephen J. Moll
Grace Life Church

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