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Radio Bible Teaching

We are very thankful to God that we have two radio Bible teaching broadcasts. We call both of them Grace Life In Christ.

At least once a month, we broadcast a Sunday radio sermon at 11:30 am CT. This is our primary live Bible teaching broadcast. The other radio broadcast is our Bible study, Grace Life In Christ, which airs at various times according to Pastor Stephen J. Moll's availability. Both air on BlogTalkRadio.

You can go to to learn when our next live broadcast airs or listen to previous Bible teaching broadcasts.

Please note that the Sunday radio sermons are not the audios from our Sunday church sermons at Grace Life Church. If you want to hear audio recordings of sermons at our church, click on the Sermon Audio tab at the top of the page.     

To listen to the audios of our Bible teaching broadcasts, put your cursor over the title of this page (at the very top) and then select either Sunday Radio Sermons or Grace Life In Christ. Then choose the radio sermon or Bible study you're interested in. 

It is our hope and prayer that our radio Bible teaching ministry will help you better understand and enjoy God's Word! Nothing will bring you more peace and satisfaction in life than growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ through correctly understanding God's Word and having the Spirit of God bring that sound doctrine into the details of your life.

The ultimate goal of our church and ministry is to help you live a victorious Christian life! We desire that you rest in and rejoice in living the grace life! This life can only be experienced as you walk by faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It's all about HIM!

Stephen J. Moll
Pastor & Bible Teacher

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